How to Order

We work for details. So we need some of yours

You can directly send the product specifications you want to make via email or WhatsApp Chat +628111988447 , with details Customer Name + Menu Replica Name you want to make + Number of menus made + Send attachments Minimum 3 photos ( Top, Side, Whole Photo with container served). With the following example:

  • Mr. John Doe (Italian R Restaurant).
  • Spaghetti Carbonarra (qty 2pcs).
  • Approximate Dimensions: Diameter 16cm.

Our staff is always ready to help and serve orders and information on food and beverage replica products Arts Dummy starting Monday-Friday from 09.00 am until 03.30pm (UTC+07:00. Jakarta-Indonesia).

We will send back a price quote letter to you with terms and conditions applied. Via email or telephone number that you use when sending product specifications to us.

If you agree with our price quote, you can send it directly or our sales representative will take the original product along with the serving container used.

After payment Down Payment 50% we received. The manufacturing process will begin with an estimated 14 working days. 

After we finish making the dummy, the team of Arts Dummy will inform you of the replica results. Your replica results can be taken directly to the arts dummy workshop or sent via expedition according to the agreement after we have received the remaining 50% payment.

Please check your replica food and beverage order upon receipt. Arts Dummy participates fully guarantee all of our ingredients, and we certainly want your satisfaction from every order, because we are ready to serve you. If there are items to be returned, then you can contact our customer service department and provide them with the following information:
#Account number and invoice number.
#Returned items (order code and product name).
#Reason for return.

Our customer service team will provide instructions and adjust to your request.

We look forward to hearing from you

If you have further questions, don't hesitate to contact us.