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Who we are & what we do

About Us

The culinary world is by no means a stagnant plateau. It's dynamic. Technology and time are ever changing, and the culinary world must surely keep up. Year by year, the culinary world experiences progression, from paper tray for cakes, to the availability of instant food and drinks, which makes individual touch no longer relevant.

Our culinary world is not just developing in its taste, form or drinks. They are reaching a level, where picture perfect presentation influences the overall value of the food.

Our Mission

On that note, Arts which maneuvers in replica food see the enormous potential to work together in creating an appetite. We come with creativity and innovation to answer the need of the Indonesia people in general and the food and beverage industry in particular. We are offering dummy with high quality basic material (plastic jelly) and processed by skilled hands that produce an artwork in each product which looks like the original.

Art's Dummy provides various benefits for you

To Any Companies who wish to use replica products, such as :
  • Promotional media in attracting the attention of the public to increase sales departement.
  • An efficient and economical method in presenting product explanation.
  • Increases the appetite and the urge the try.
  • Attains artistic and aesthetic values.
  • As a hobby and collectibles.
  • Boosting and increasing sales
  • Used as part of an education tool in gastronomy and interior design.
  • Has the ability to produce a 1:1 size ratio to the actual subject.
  • To make a standard menu in kitchen.

Want to know more about how the replica we created is perfectly match for your business?