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Our culinary world is not just developing in its taste, form or drinks. They are reaching a level, where picture perfect presentation influences the overall value of the food.

However, its creations of food replicas intends to stimulate the appetite and craving fotr those foods. Creativiry and innovation become the foundation of Art's Dummy.

Art's Dummy provides various benefits for you

To Any Companies who wish to use replica products, such as :
  • Promotional media in attracting the attention of the public to increase sales departement.
  • An efficient and economical method in presenting product explanation.
  • Increases the appetite and the urge the try.
  • Attains artistic and aesthetic values.
  • As a hobby and collectibles.
  • Boosting and increasing sales
  • Used as part of an education tool in gastronomy and interior design.
  • Has the ability to produce a 1:1 size ratio to the actual subject.
  • To make a standard menu in kitchen.


Many types of replicas that we can do for you

Desserts & Fruits

Ice Cream, Gelato, Yoghurt, Pudding, Biscuit, Chocolate, Fruits, Vegetables and other things…

Main Course and Appetizer

Indonesian Food, Japanese Food, Chinese Food, Western Food and various other appetizers…

Cake, Bread and Beverages

Cakes, Bread, Biscuits, Muffins, Cupcakes, Pastries, Beverages and more…

Arts Dummy replica has been created

Our creations speak better than words!